Friday, October 10, 2008

Tierra Miguel Farm

Tasting fresh organic produce right off the vine — it can't get much better than that! The first Saturday in September, Steve and I participated in a volunteer day at an organic farm in north county where our friend Jonathan works. What an amazing day! We took a tour of the farm and sampled fresh, organic produce all along the way. I've never tasted sweeter strawberries than the ones we picked from the vine that day! The corn, melons and other crops sampled were equally delicious.

Tierra Miguel Farm is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. A CSA allows the community to form a direct relationship with farmers promoting and maintaining sustainable agriculture. CSA members pay an annual fee for weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce from the farm. Members can visit the farm and actively participate in the farming process.

The culmination of events of the volunteer day was lunch on the farm. Volunteers all brought a covered dish and fresh veggies were provided by the farm. I tried a Watermelon Radish for the first time and loved it. The center is an intense pink, hence the name. It was crisp, peppery and sweet all at once. It was a delight to sit under a big shade tree and enjoy a fresh, simple and delicious meal.

Yesterday I spent the day at the farm helping prepare for a fundraising event coming up on Saturday. The event is called La Tomatina — named after a festival in Spain to commemorate the end of the tomato growing season. Steve and I will be taking part in the event making our grilled eggplant mozzarella stacks. We are both looking forward to the day and to working with the farm on future food and cooking events.

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